What's the big idea? - Game of Tones | The music card game

What's the big idea?

This is an "educational" game, but do not start yawning yet, because it's a reallly fun game! Designed by a gamer as much as a music teacher, and tested with children and adults alike, the goal of the game design has always been to get players to learn music in order to win the game, without realizing that they are learning. Game of Tones has been beta tested by more than 200 players, who have contributed with a lot of feedback. The author has even run a course at the Popular University of Albacete, in which people of all musical levels (from zero to professional musicians) signed up to play, which has been a big success!.

Why does it work?

  • Because of its simple and completely original concept: with a single deck of cards you can play lots of different games, always getting to learn some music.
  • Because it can be played both in a class and at home as a family game.
  • Because it is fully customizable: almost every game can be adjusted to suit the level of the players.
  • Because it´s a fun and entertaining educational resource for music teachers.
  • Because you learn the music theory unconsciously, just in order to win the game.
  • Because it comprises some games specifically designed for pianists, guitarists, any stringed instrument musician, or anyone who wants to learn to read notes on the staff.
  • Because it contains many simple and quick games, in which people laugh a lot!
  • Because it is a real challenge for players with a high music theory knowledge.
  • Because it contains games with interesting mechanics in themselves, yet you can learn any of the games in five minutes.
  • Because it includes high quality linen cards.
  • Because many of the games can be adapted in order to play the notes in your instrument.
  • Because it is not language dependent: music is the language.
  • Because it encloses a teacher´s guide, and aid cards for the players.
  • Because in addition to the 12 games, players eager to play more games can have access to more ideas for new games through the web www.gamesoftones.com.