Agustín Lozano - Game of Tones | The music card game

Agustín Lozano

The author of Game of Tones is Agustin Lozano (Hermano Lobo), Music Teacher, Bassist, Composer, Singer and Industrial Engineer.

With more than twenty years´s experience as a professional bass player, during his career he has performed and made recordings with different bands, such as Hermano Lobo, Into Jazz, 003, Red Hot Chilli Fakers or The Picos Pardos. He also has extensive experience as a composer for theater and musicals.

He has been awarded for Best Bassist in various Spanish National Competitions. He has organized and performed at master classes with musicians like Mike Stern, Marcus Miller, Pat Martino, Lewis Porter, or Carlos Carli. Winner of "Yamaha Bass Hero" (2011), a contest awarding the best bassist in Spain and Portugal. Finalist for Spain and Portugal (2012) at “Boss World Loopstation Contest “.

As a Music teacher, he teaches Bass, Double Bass, Modern Harmony and “Play with Music" (a course on learnig music playing the games comprised on "Game of Tones") at Universidad Popular de Albacete. He has written some teaching bass methods with audio support for different levels, like “Bass I and II" and "Bass III“.

A passionate gamer, began designing board games when he was only 13. The mixing of these two great passions (music and games) was the embryo of " Game of Tones ". Being an Industrial Engineer too, his mathematical point of view has been very useful for the development and balance of the games that make up “Game of Tones”.

Want to know more of Agustin Lozano? Access to his YouTube channel to 30 videos with almost a million views